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About me: Don't invite me unless you've uploaded videos. Just do it! Once you upload vids people will accept your friend request. It's pretty simple really. If it appears to me that you're contributing to the community I will likely accept your request. And for gods sake.... add a profile picture. If there requester doesn't have a profile picture I don't even bother clicking it. I want anything Anasmiles aka. Gabidubroc / adorebae. Also, looking for videos of these girls that I have not yet seen. Danikawest, RoxieHeart, MargotDarling, AshaSnow, Candiecane, Amirah_skye, AgentScully, FrecklesMcgee, malloryjade / wildflowerem, bunibuni. Not once in 4 years has anyone requested friendship AND offered a video from my list... weird. Am I the only one with any business sense?